Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday 3 September

Dry Morning

The River Yarrow not much watyer at the moment but I think that is all set to change.
Our resident female Edwina she is looking really well. 
 Look who's watching me my Winnie Pooh - he use to sit with me at work now he joins me in retirement, he tells me it's wonderful not having to get up early any more, we still get up at 6am, early to some, not to us.
Just me playing with my new camera, this is how Meg sleeps sometimes, but she is watching me, I suppose she is thinking oh no not another photo.
These new cameras and their software it's amazing what they can do, I have always loved black & white, I think it takes me back to my childhood all the photos we took all kept in the old tin box most distributed among a large family or lost, why didn't I copy them all ??

Take Care

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  1. Meg just wants to be sure you don't sneak off for a walk without her!


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