Sunday, December 08, 2013

Wednesday 27 November

Very mild and wet this morning, we ventured over Duxbury again

We have just crossed the Yarrow, this has been a right of way for years, lots of people have trod this way to the mines and the industry in the not so distant past. I often wonder what they chatted about on the way to a hard days work most likely with little in their belly, most of them knew hardship yet they got on with life and shared their meagre belongings and food. Now I must stop maudlin, we thankfully are blessed and I am grateful for what we have - sufficient for the day is enough for us.
The gate to the field on Grundy Lane - 
An old stoop believed to be Saxon, one of two that would have been part of the field enclosure. 
The stoops are found all over the place built to last in those days, the only thing that needed to be replaced occasionally would be the wooden pole that slid between the two stoops to bar the entrance.

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