Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wednesday 29 January

Raining when we set out, stopped and we enjoyed a dry walk.

 Canada Goose coming for breakfast
White Dead Nettle - Lamium album in flower, it can flower almost all year round if it does not get too cold
 We think this dogs name is Blue he was a little confused when we passed him as he fell in love with Meg, well Meg is nearly 11 years and a grumpy old woman so his advances were wasted. His owner took him on his way and we carried on to the far side of the lodges, yes you have guessed right 10 minutes later Blue came trotting towards us and we expected his owner to follow, no owner appeared so we headed to the car park - just as I wondering what to do with him, his owner appeared from the opposite way, he thought he gone on and did not see him head back to us, we think someone had been about with a bitch in season, Meg was shattered trying to out run the youngster, slept most of the day.
 The blanket should be under her but she makes her own bed and misses it completely.
Fast asleep

Take Care