Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thursday 1 May

A beautiful morning, bluebells out in force.

Paths through Burgh Wood with Bluebell borders

If I had been walking with my Grandchildren this would be Honey Pot Lane, just as the path disappears to the left is Winnie the Pooh's holiday home, if we listen carefully we might even hear them, playing and singing, well I can :)

I always picked a bunch for my Mam when we were kids

This is Cecil Crow - not every ones favourite bird but they part of natures cleaning brigade, they will eat anything.

 As we can see by the Latin Name this is an English x Spanish, Hybrid Bluebell - Hyacinthoides non-scripta x hispanica = H. x massartiana - these are sold in the garden centres, they are also throw outs.

People also plant them innocently thinking they are Bluebells (English) but sadly they are not and tend to be more robust than our own. 

Not as delicate the leaves are a lot wider the flowers are more bell shaped and the anthers blue. 

Mallard Mum with her 13 Babes

White Clover - Trifolium repens

Take Care

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