Thursday, August 07, 2014

Friday 25 July

Walk on the Burgh

 Cinnabar Caterpillars

 Broad Leaved Helleborine - Epipactus helleborine

The Black/Purple Rosehip of the Burnet Rose - Rosa spinosissima

Take Care


  1. Yes, at long last, I found a helleborine in bloom here. Pictures all out of focus though. I won't forget this one again. I sure got in trouble on FB saying that mink was cute. I had no idea they were a problem animal for you.

  2. The Mink is cute, Joan some folk want to blame something or one for the decimation of our lands yet they will never accept that man is the biggest contributor, we pollute the rivers, rip up our greenbelt and woodlands - whoops I've got on my soap box again, you know what I mean until we sort out ourselves nothing will work right. Nature needs balance and we keep knocking out the blocks. I have just told myself to get on with some work :)


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