Friday, August 08, 2014

Sunday 27 July

Just as we got to the lodge we heard them 

Noisy Canada Geese coming in to land

I wonder what they are saying with all the noise they make - possibly "Leader to Squadron keep in formation and landing gear down"

Take Care


  1. Haha. They have come back so forcefully here that they are now a real nuisance in many places.

  2. Dare I say it they are not a nuisance here yet one of our biggest utilities (United Water) cull 60 on Lingley Mere in July, all hell broke loose about it, touchy subjects alien species as you have seen over the mink, people always blame the animal rights groups that released mink from fur farms in the 1990s but we had American mink long before that - the European mink has never made it to Britain.


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