Saturday, December 13, 2014

Monday 8 December

Set off in the rain and it cleared up as we walked
Beyond this old fence once stood a small row of cottages, this is the back of the Top Lodge the remnants of them still linger along with a almost filled in channel
You can see some of the old stones on the track and in the middle is the channel, long time since this has seen a good bit of water, there was a time it was a hive of activity.

Farther on near the small ponds is another brick lined channel that leads into the brick lined ponds

Now filled with soil it is walked over and seldom noticed - one day it may be dug out and revealed again

We think this is the remains of some sort of boiler that heated the water prior to being sluiced into the ponds during the bleaching process

This is the twin brick lined pond that is just a bog, you can just see the corner of the clean pond to the left of the photo - if they ever do dig these ponds out for display this one may be perfect as it has never been touched.

The River Yarrow as it leaves the side of the Big Lodge and continues on the route to the sea 

Birkacre Rucks with all the Silver Birch

Take Care

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