Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sunday 28 December

Sun was trying again but it was cold in the shade

Lots of the trees have Ivy cover, some of the rangers have been trying to control it by cutting the base stems, it works but there is a lot to go at.

I love it when the sun breaks through the trees

The old raft - I remember it being built

I suppose it's a shadow selfie

We were up among the trees - I use to sit here to watch the world go by not many people noticed me

The overflow bridge

Canada Goose - the feed is proving popular

We attract quite a crowd when we appear

The leaves of Hogweed - Heracleum sphondylium, they will probably survive the frost and may make a stunted effort, it's very tough.

Take Care


  1. Hello - I managed to find you at last. Some nice shots there - I like the second (portrait one). Is there any way I could post a photo, or is that something that can't be done? Maybe you could create a separate section for visitors pictures etc. Just a thought - you can flame me if you want...

    Cheers for now - Ken

  2. The path in the sunlight is beautiful!

  3. Hi Ken glad you finally found us :)


Let me know you looked in :)