Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Tuesday 3 February

Well below this morning but dry and wonderful to walk in, the sun was rising over Duxbury as we headed for the lodges with the morning feed.

 The Young Swan was on the lodge in a pocket of water as long as he stays put he will be okay we managed to throw some corn out to him and he ate.

Mum & Dad had sheltered under the trees along with a gang of mallards, they were fine and soon had breakfast.
This goose intrigued me as it was on it's own and came straight up to me
 I gave it some feed and it was not bothered by me or Meg's presence, seemed smaller than the other geese.

It ate it's breakfast and continued on it's way 

Take Care


  1. Early morning walking...I'm not coherent enough to know what I saw. I'd have to take pictures.

  2. As I've said before Joan, Larks & Owls, this is a lie in compared to my working days :)


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