Friday, January 16, 2009

Monday 12 January

Well above freezing this morning, so it was raining it finally stopped so we did not get wet. Saw Dawnie on the Barrow but she was off to work, we walked to the corner of Burgh Wood with her and then we carried on.
We just did our usual drifting looking at all sorts of things, like this vivid coloured lichen on the Hawthorn, it was so tiny.
Oak buds and plenty of them, all ready for the sign to open.
Bracken has had it's time - it will be back later in the year, covering a bit more ground and stronger than ever.
Lichen it is like a second skin to the branches.
To an ant this would probably be a forest, it is a moss and was on the banking near the stream at Slippery Log.
Another lichen - Cladonia sp. don't know which one. It was on Primrose Hill.
They look like little cups, quite pretty.
Take care.

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