Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Monday 5 January

Just below freezing this morning, as you can see it was coming light as we walked.

We came across Paul and the tribe, Sue was at work. We had a chat and then carried on.

It was at this point three Roe deer were seen by George & Dawnie, I only saw the white tails of two.
Quite a bit of frost on the ground, still not too bad for walking on.
The old path to the weir & fish ladder.
Heading back to the lodges.
The new path to the weir & fish ladder.
Looking back to Primrose Hill.
Big Lodge
Plenty of life on the little bit of water that's not frozen.
A bit of sunshine makes all the difference
Ramblers ahead
Playing catch up again.
The new Yellow Iris shoots have been well frosted.

Had a walk up to the Lower Burgh after dinner with the dogs.

The Gorse was in flower - looked lovely in the sun.

Got some quite big patches on the edges and a few smaller ones springing up near the paths.
We have had a good day.
Take Care.

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    Great picture's ones again.


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