Friday, January 16, 2009

Tuesday 13 January

A bit cooler today but still above freezing, we were joined by George for our walk. Saw no one else on our travels.
I took another photo of the Cladonia sp. lichen from a different angle to show the shape of the cup.
Another of that vivid yellowy green lichen. This seems to have flattened cups.
This lichen is everywhere.
I lingered at the sluice channel watching a long tailed tit doing acrobatics among the the branches in between coming to the table for sunflower hearts.
Plenty of small birds coming to the table, robin, chaffinch, great, blue & coal tit plus two nuthatch.
Did not get one decent photo of any of them on the table and as you can see I am playing catch up again.
Take Care.

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