Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday 21 January

Cool this morning, a damp feeling to the air as we set off.
Got down into the valley and headed for Primrose Hill - Paul and the tribe were near the slippery log, we stopped and chatted about the area, how it must have been a hard life in the long gone cottages, no services like we have. Hard to picture just how they managed, even some that can remember times when you had to make do and mend, making your own fun & games, would have found life in these areas very difficult. Now we take so much for granted but our ancestors worked hard for what we have now. Now I am maudlin so lets get on with a lovely walk around a grand area.

Debbie caught us up, so we carried on to Spring Wood. I put a new net of peanuts in one of the trees yesterday, they had all gone this morning, the last one lasted a few days.

Back at the lodges there was plenty of activity on the Tern Raft, a big hit with the gulls. We would never have left this sled behind broken or not, today we have a throw away society, all this talk of recycling I think we did more years ago, very little was wasted.
The last juvenile swan was stretching it's wings and flapping around the lodge, lets hope this one makes it.

It was everywhere, looked like it was chasing the ducks and geese.
Harvey wanted to go into the river.
A good walk and the sun came out.
Take care.

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