Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday 8 February

Cold this morning it was 26.4'f at 6am, had to go back to Fahrenheit as the modern super duper Celsius reading was on the blink.
Got down onto the park and headed for Primrose Hill - Found Sue, Dawnie and Moira with the dogs.
Charlie one of Moira's Border Terriers took himself on a walkabout yesterday, thankfully he was taken in by lady, as he was making his way home. It's a terrible feeling as you wonder if they have gone down a hole or worst still on to the farmers land.
They all enjoyed the walk this morning, not wandering too far from us.

Sue found this yesterday - we went back to photograph it, first one this year, Lesser Celandine.
We will see plenty now - once the first one appears the rest soon catch up.
More ice on the Big Lodge.
Charlie & Meg
The things you see on a walk.
Got Meg to sit near it to give you an idea of size, it was near the lower picnic ground, from what the others say it has been about a few days.
We are now having a quiet day at home, doing a few chores so take care.

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