Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday 16 May

Debbie rang me on Friday afternoon to say Edwina had two babies.
We looked forward to seeing the new arrivals on Saturday morning, we all arrived at the Top Lodge around 8am and it was as though she was still sitting. We had our walk and returned around 10am, Edwina was on the Top Lodge as far away as she could get with her two babes, we watched for a little while as she kept them close.
No sign of Edward just mum and babes.

We found Edward on the Big Lodge chasing last years juvenile.


  1. So who picked the names? And what are you going to call the cygnets?

  2. Haven't a clue he's always been Edward to us, as for Edwina (his 2nd wife) we thought it was nicer for her to have a name, much friendlier than him and her :)
    As for the babes we have never named them as they don't usually stick around - unlike last years, he (we think but could be wrong) has certainly given Edward the run around, actually one of our group calls him Biffo as he seems to bully all the other ducks and geese.. If he manages to stay that maybe one to consider :)


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