Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday 18 July

We met up on Primrose Hill - quite a group this morning with 9 dogs.
Straight up to look at what's been happening on the Barrow Field, we were surprised to find a large crater with two large and one small pipe into it. We were all mystified by this as we thought it was all done, suppose it makes sense to them.
Will be looking again next week.
Canary Grass - probably from wild bird feed.
Harvey & Billy
Melilot not sure whether tall or ribbed - waiting for the seed pods.
Ramblers watching the Tern Raft.
Arnold & one of the rangers watching the Terns.
Not a good photo as the camera is mainly for it's macro ability for the flowers, but I think it shows how the chicks have grown in 10 days.

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