Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday 9 July

Ended up at Rivington this morning, lots of people about - from dog walkers to groups of cyclists.

Found Alsike Clover up by the replica of Liverpool Castle.
Also this bramble very low growing and all over the area - haven't a clue which one it is - this is one of the plants that needs an expert as they look alike to me.
Plenty of Enchanters Nightshade.
Looking up from the reservoir side of the castle
Stood inside the castle - this was always off limits with gates on when we were kids -we always found a way in - it was paradise to us, we simply played - we had our bottle of corporation pop and a butty for a picnic, there's bounty for you.
We thought it was a real castle then, where battles had been fought long ago.
I often wonder why Lord Leverhulme had it built - perhaps to keep men in work who knows.
We later learned about William Hesketh Lever (Lord Leverhulme) at school.
The bracken & balsam was in good supply.

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