Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday 27 August

We had a good walk over to Duxbury and then came back passed the new building site, came through Burgh Wood we wandered around lots of fungi beginning to show.

The deer must have been nearby as we found two sets of tracks - not seen them for months.
Field Maple in the middle of some brambles it was struggling but looks healthy.
Thought this was a wasp at first but after it landed on the Angelica could see no sting, had it ID - Tenthredo sp. a saw fly
I think this is Golden Spindle - this was in Burgh Wood, last year we found it in Spring Wood.
Holly Leaves just look like they have been polished.
Conkers are almost ready, we would have picked this one as children but we were usually disappointed as they weren't quite ready. Plenty this year, especially at the top they look like winners.
Hoverfly - Eristalis sp. possibly arbustorum
Another Hoverfly - Leucozona glaucia
One very cheeky rabbit.
This was one of the biggest spiders I have come across. A crane fly flew into the web - she did not even bother to wrap it for later, it was gone in seconds.
Another fly on the Angelica - Tachinid Fly

Hoverflies etc., ID by they are always helpful

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