Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday 13 October

Cool but sunny morning for our walk.

We headed up to the Barrow Field then Duxbury - we lingered in Duxbury Woods crossed both bridges to walk both sides of the river, then back up to Eaves Green and home through Burgh Wood.

Arnold & Meg coming through the new gate. Not a busy lane but Meg has to be on the lead.
This is why - not that Meg has ever chased sheep - this farmer would not hesitate to shoot any dog that was off a lead on his land.
These steps are on the far side of Duxbury in John Wood, they lead back into the valley.
River Yarrow
Same steps from the valley bottom.
Arnold with Bevis - it's customary to give him a pat as you pass.
The river is low at the moment.
Fresh Holly leaves.
Another stump covered in fungi.
I think it's Honey Fungi again.
I found this on a fallen pine.
Same fallen pine - they could be the same fungi at different stages - any one know?
Hairy Gall on Beech - seem to be finding more of these than I use to.
Red Campion - always a pleasure to see, will flower all year if the weather is mild.
Yew - this is probably a bird sown one - there are plenty in the old gardens of Duxbury Hall.
Mucky Meg
Arnold waiting for me.
This old Beech has a large cavity - I wonder how it keeps upright.
Hedge Mustard
Scented Mayweed - these three all found in a small patch.
The new houses at the Barrow Field.
The pond at the front of them, it is a nice feature.

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