Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday 12 November

Meg had her blood test on Monday - vet rang us and said the levels are still high but are coming down, good news for us and Meg, we have to go back again next Monday for a blood test, I think this will be weekly for a while, until the levels are safe. She is a lot better - almost normal if that's possible with a springer spaniel.

We spotted this Heron fishing on the river at Sunny Brow bridge.
There are a few Herons about this year.
We had a good walk as we met up with Sue and the tribe, we talked too much and the camera was forgotten.

Will be getting this blog up to date, now that Meg is on the mend.


  1. Hope Meg is soon on the mend.

  2. Thank you Mistlethrush, she seems a lot better.


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