Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday 20 December

Still cold and more snow, we were soon on our way - you don't feel the cold when you are enjoying yourself.
Arnold was trying to hide behind the Christmas Tree, while we were trying to organise a photo with the tree - will have to try again.

It seems to be full - but I am sure there will be more added before Christmas Day.

The fish ladder

We loved the way the broken tree branch had draped itself over the weir face.

All the branches were covered in icicles, looked fantastic the photo does not do it justice.

Top Lodge frozen.

Big Lodge frozen apart from a small area where all the swans, ducks, etc., were waiting for the regular feeders to arrive, unfortunately not many people about in this weather.

Ramblers heading home.

No one about today.

Looking back the sun finally breaking through.

Feeding frenzy.

There was not a lot for them, we hoped more folk would be out soon.

Take Care.

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