Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday 19 February

This is the path up to Lower Burgh Meadow, it certainly gets the heart rate up, doing a bit of work. Saw no one again, where are all the walkers?

View to the Big Lodge from the path to Lower Burgh.

A white lipped snail looking for something tasty.

Rabbit warren - there are plenty of entrances and exits found quite a few as we looked around.

Lesser Celandine leaves one of our first spring flowers, won't be long now.

Take Care.


  1. Come next month we'll hopefully be finding the first lesser celandine in flower, it's a little contest between our friends to see who finds the first one.

  2. we also like to look for first flowers, last year we found the Lesser Celandine on the 8 February it was in the frost.

  3. Ah, celandine. There is a plant I think I know, but your leaves look different. Interesting how so of our common names are the same but the species are actually different.

  4. I think early leaves can sometimes look different or we can have different local names, this is Ranunculus ficaria, it will fill some areas with it's lovely yellow flowers.


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