Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday 24 February

Above freezing today, we did a walk around the park today - just to see what is happening - we found a few bits of new life.

Canada Geese

Dutch Crocus with what looks like Spring Crocus just showing a bit of colour.


Female Hazel Flower




Ramsons also known as Wild Garlic Leaves

This a left over from the industrial era, part of an old boiler I think.

This is also a small holding lodge man made it looks like it's always been there.

This small holding lodge lies at the side of the previous photo, it has been drained and cleaned up, I can tell you it was wonderful to see the bottom and sides as they are brick lined a lovely job.

Another left over from times past.

This is part of the river wall.

Close up of the pipe in the previous photo this must have lead to the river from the Big Lodge.

Two views of the Small Lodge this is an average size when I think of the old mill lodges that use to be about when I was a youngster.

Three years gone over - I could hardly believe it.

A few new nest boxes have been put up - let's hope the yobs leave them alone.

Picnic area - the memorial stone is among the birds.

Rust on the trees along side the river.

Silver Birch stump.

Lonely Lucy was living up to her name this morning.

The others finally joined her.

Tern Raft

River Yarrow with bits of the old industry.

Take Care.


  1. A bit of good observation on your morning walk noticing the small but definite signs that Spring is on it's way.

  2. lovely pictures as always, especially the tree reflections. Makes me want to walk there too.

  3. Always glad to have your company, we might make a northerner of you yet :)


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