Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday 5 April

Easter Monday, George called for us and we set off, soon found Sue & Debbie which means there was a lot of talking & laughter - one of the best medicine you can get along with walking.
We got up into the muddy spring area to be buzzed by our usual small friends, they are all paired off now.
Found lots of deer tracks leading toward Burgh Wood.

Still only found a couple of Primrose plants on Primrose Hill, last year I thought they might be coming back to their former glory but not yet.

Another kill this time a Wood Pigeon, it was on the top of an old stump near the deer carving, we think it was lifted by the hunter (Sparrowhawk?) to eat.

I found it hard to believe as Wood pigeon are quite a big bird.
There was only the head, wings & legs left the body was picked clean.

but the as you can see the feathers are only feet away.

Take Care.

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