Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tuesday 6 April

On our own again so we wandered to the Weir.
It was mild and dry, a good day to look for plants we know should be about.

It speeds the river up as it was intended to do for the industry that was in the valley - lots of people walked to work this way a hundred years ago, now we enjoy it for rambling.

Wood Anemone on the path to Dry Bones.
Quite a large patch.

A lot of Lesser Celandine flowering now.

Found the Lungwort

It was and still is used as an herbal remedy, mainly for chesty coughs.
Easy to identify with the white spotted leaves.

Still not sure what is happening with Dry Bones Cottage, all sorts of rumours - it will have to be demolished completely, then maybe a rebuild?

Leaves of Hairless Lady's Mantle.
 A very important and popular herb used as an astringent among other things.

Very difficult to identify but this is magnified 10 times and shows the leaf teeth in-curving and pointed.

Marsh Marigold in bud.

Hogweed leaves.

Japanese Larch

Cowslip in bud.

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  1. WE found wood anemone in bud today. I think that lesser celandine is in my garden... I didn't know what it was. We also have lungwort but it is a garden plant. Also Lady's Mantle is for gardens, and I didn't know there were multiple kinds. Marsh Marigold here is just starting to come up, and we also call it Cowslip. Your cowslip looks like a primrose... yes? Don't know your Hogweed or Japanese Larch.


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