Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wednesday 7 April

On our own again, as we crossed the river at Sunny Brow this Wren wanted her photo taken.

She was posing for a few seconds.
Not a clue what she was after - perhaps she was watching me.

Hornbeam not a common tree at this end of the country.

We walked around the lodge this morning to see what was coming through.
Wood Anemone

Lesser Celandine

Field Wood-Rush a lovely patch and in flower. Not seen it in this area before.

I had gone to find this - it is Barren Strawberry. It's on the banking to the river wall. Quite a good sized patch.

Managed to get to it and photograph it plus a piece in my bag for checking.

Magnified 10 times the gaps between the petals are visible, this is easier to see when the flowers are fully open, the petals are slightly notched.

Nearby was Wavy Bitter-cress - six stamens.

Hazel Nuts in the making.

Butterbur leaves - not full sized yet.

Woodruff just through.

Dotted Loosestrife.

Darwin's Barberry almost in flower.

Wintercress coming up again same spot as last year.

 My first 7 spot ladybird on the forget me not leaves.

Take Care.


  1. It's great to see that spring is really on its way down your neck of the woods, the next few weeks are my favourite time of year.

  2. Lesser Celandine, eh? That may be what someone gave me for my garden. I need to compare side by side.

    And now I know what butterbur looks like!


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