Monday, December 20, 2010

Saturday 18 December

What a morning - just below freezing.
It was snowing most of the night, at least 10 inches down, it was over the tops of the wellies in the parts were it had drifted.

Big Lodge

No one about this morning, Sue was out but we did not see her.

The snow on the lodge was easy to mistake for solid ground especially Meg and at one point we almost walked toward it.

Looking toward the sluice channel.

Cleared the table and put some food on. Blackbird arrived with plenty of Robins at least 10.

Cleared an area on a bench near table the birds soon found it.

Up at the Christmas Tree.

It looked very festive.

Meg with her new coat on - she still looked like a poodle round the legs and head with all the snow sticking to her.

Home dry and fast asleep.


  1. Your depth of snow is amazing considering you live not too far away, here in N.E. Lancashire we've only had a couple of inches.

  2. Marlene12:42 pm

    Nice to hear that you had 10 robins feeding. It said on the UK news last night that small birds are suffering in the cold weather, espcially the robins. We used to have a robin when I live in Scotland.....lovely little birds.

  3. They were out in force this morning and they would sooner fight than feed, very territorial. They are very bold and are always first to the table we have a few on our route that seem to know us :)


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