Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tuesday 30 November

Just above freezing this morning.

There was more activity today.
So lots of photos to look at.

The squirrel was first to spot me and soon put an appearance in.

Jays also came but at a distance.

A Wood Pigeon join them.

The Big Lodge almost frozen.

Just this area left for feeding.

Picnic Area.

Paths in the park.

To the Lodges.


This is the only time she stays clean as the ground is frozen.

Looking across slippery log.

Back of the Top Lodge.

Robin & Song Thrush.

I think this is a Coal Tit.

Great Tit


Song Thrush


The Song Thrush came again and seemed more interested in the camera than the food.

It was very friendly.

Take Care.


  1. The song thrush is beautiful, and you got great pictures!

  2. Marlene9:06 am

    Carol, Brilliant pictures, especially the birds, we only seem to get little brown sparrows here, so its nice to see all the birds I used to get in my garden when I lived in the UK. Marlene


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