Thursday, January 06, 2011

Sunday 2 January

Just above freezing this morning.

I am behind again due to other commitments - so it will be less blogging for the time being.
I shall try to put the photos on as they are my record of our daily sightings.

Morning sky over Duxbury.

The two lights to the right are on Woodcock's Farm.

Meg in hunting mode, looking for field voles.

Teddy, Toots and Billy getting their orders.

Teddy now passing on his instructions.

A popular field for the deer.

The next four are all round the slippery log - seen a lot of the fox in this area.

Mole hills appearing.

Top Lodge from the back field

Top lodge Reed Beds.
Holly - Ilex aquifolium 

Rhododendron - Rhododendron ponticum - some of the buds are withered due to the frosts, I know they are invasive but we do need some for the wildlife to shelter in. Some areas are so bare the deer stand out like sore thumbs.

Track at the back of the top lodge

Still my favourite view, I am going to try and get a monthly photo taken from the same spot and probably have a post of them.

Down to the table.

Not a good photo of the Coal Tit but it is so fast.


and no blog would be complete with out Charlie Robin.

Take Care.


  1. What a great walk- thanks for letting me come along. The moles were out here last week when it got so warm.

  2. You must all be very observant as you alway see alot more wildlife than we do.


Let me know you looked in :)