Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday 17 March

Mild & Damp this morning.
We are off to the vets so it is a try and keep Meg clean walk, impossible task as I am sure you all realise she is into the mud & mire as soon as we get down the valley.

Arnold as always waiting for me.

There has been a lot of interest in this box - last year Great Tits used it, they have been hanging around it along with a pair of Nuthatch and now a Blue Tit.

The Heron seems to be quite happy to stay at the end of the Channel to the Top Lodge - plenty of frogs and spawn to be had.

No sign of the Long Tail Tits but the nest is slightly bigger.

Long Tail Tits - are these the ones from the nest?

Views from Sunny Brow

We got home with a semi dirty Meg gave her a quick wash down and then the Vets for her Blood tests.

Take Care.

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