Friday, September 02, 2011

Wednesday 31 August

Cool morning, cloudy but the rain stayed away.
We went onto the Lower Burgh Meadow.
Alsike Clover - Trifolium hybridum 
 Amphibious Bistort - Persicaria amphibia this was very disappointing due to the dry weather - usually a large flowering patch but only found two flowers.
 Amphibious Bistort - Persicaria amphibia
 Apple Mint - Mentha x villosa this is the best mint for the table we love it.
Common Knapweed  - Centaurea nigra 
 Common Michaelmas Daisy - Aster novi-belgii x lanceolatus = A. x salignus
 Puccinia poarum on Colts Foot Leaves
 Puccinia poarum on Colts Foot Leaves
 Purple Loosestrife - Lythrum salicaria
Wild Carrot - Daucus carota there was plenty of this about last year but I only managed to find a small area.
 Wild Carrot - Daucus carota
The You Are Here Sign has been moved to a more prominent place.

Take Care.