Thursday, October 03, 2013

Sunday 22 September

Dry Morning

We found all these within a few yards of each other plenty of Galls about this year.

 7 Spot Ladybird
 Artichoke Gall on Oak - Quercus
 Garden Spider
Found among the Common Spangle Gall - Harlequin Larvae
 Harlequin Larvae
 Knopper gall on Oak - Quercus
 Knopper gall on Oak - Quercus
Marble Gall Oak - Quercus
 Silk Button Gall on Oak - Quercus

Tar Spot on Sycamore - Acer pseudoplatanus

Take Care

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  1. Those are great! I love galls, and it's very hard to ID them. I wonder if we have all of them here. Several I haven't seen. The cheerios one, and the spangle. AND that larvae is awesome.


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