Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tuesday 12 November

Raining this morning so camera never saw daylight.

We arrived home wet and found one casualty in the water butt and the other on the step.
 Queen Wasp thought she was dead it was cold overnight, plus being in the water.
 She was still for a long time, I put her in the sunshine that was just appearing from between the clouds and she had vanished before Dinner.
 The Small Tortoiseshell was on the step - cold and wet, it was gone long before the wasp 
after being in the sunlight.

Take Care


  1. Interesting. Why would a queen wasp not be in the nest?

  2. This year's young queens fly the nest and find a safe haven till next year - she already carries the next generation, we find them in all sorts of places asleep and I just leave them be. They are threatened like the bees not seen many about this year.


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