Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday 23 December

We have been fortunate with the weather in this area, lots of areas have had floods, plus being battered by strong winds.

 Our Christmas Tree quite a few more decorations have been added.
This is the latest - when we see a new one on the tree we always wonder who? We will probably never know but it's wonderful that people can come together at Christmas and do this simple thing, yet the rest of the year do we become different people, I know we don't - here we go I am waxing maudlin again, for many years I use to sit the odd half hour in my break at work in the town centre (Bolton) watching the world go by, many kindnesses I witnessed, lots of love, old friends would join me and chat, most now passed but still fresh in my mind remembered with love. People have not changed times have.

Take Care

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  1. I like the idea of that tree. Occasionally someone will decorate a tree in the median of the interstate, but I've heard that if you get caught doing it you get fined. How stupid is that?


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