Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Wednesday 26 February

This is one of our medium sized Oaks if you have visited this blog on a regular basis you will have seen it many times, it stands on Primrose Hill a perfect Oak in shape like the ones that Constable painted. Oaks have this weird way with their branches you never know which way it will grow next.

 This is a true English Oak - Quercus robur
 Wondering which one will be the lead growth this year you can never tell 
 Marble Gall found in numbers on some Oaks - never seems to be a problem for them
 Then we get the odd moss - again at this point seems part of the whole picture
Now we find a dead twig and even the moss seems to be suffering, I like to think I am looking on a whole universe on one tree, it makes nature wonderful and an almighty being looking down on us perfectly logical.

Take Care