Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Sunday 30 March

Just views this morning on the blog, we took other photos of course but I feel a little nostalgic today so you will have to walk with me or move on :)

We start on Burgh Lane South this leads to Drybones pit head, cottage that was and wood, all worth a visit.

Straight down the path to the pit head

 The old shaft is fenced off

This substantial stone must have seen and done some work

 Carrying straight on and we see the old cottage area, this was burnt out a few years ago by vandals, it's a beautiful spot by the river.

 A bit overgrown now the view from the front door.

 a few remains and reminders that people lived and worked in the area.

View from the back door

Take Care

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  1. Carol- you have turned comments back on! Yeah! I love places like this although they can be melancholy. But I like to wonder why people chose the places they did for their houses, and where they planted certain things- often we can find the old orchards or follow the stone fences (in the East)


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