Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday 8 June

Another sunny morning that had all sorts of goodies out for us to look at.

I had to put three photos up of this tiny (less than an inch across) day flying moth, I counted over 10 fluttering about on the rucks - I had never seen them before but perhaps I just did not notice them, any way a first sighting for me.
I loved the colour and the white tinge to the wing edge
 Chimney Sweep -  Odezia atrata

 Chimney Sweep -  Odezia atrata

 Chimney Sweep -  Odezia atrata

 Common Bistort  - Persicaria bistorta

 Currant Gall - Neuroterus quercusbaccarum another of the galls that the oak is host to.

Sputnik Spider - Paidiscura pallens found it on the same oak tree we found the weird spider egg sac last year.

I am still waiting for an ID for this snail - looked like a Rams Horn, but not quite right.

Take Care

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