Wednesday, December 31, 2014

29 & 30 & 31 December

29th Dec: Cold this morning

 I love the way frost forms

Sunny Brow

30th: A good clear morning
 Another marker near the small pond no number, still no answers about them

The Weir Channel showing the overflow channel back into the river
In the River was Harry Heron

31st: Walked over to the derelict Ellerbeck Colliery site today
This is Eller Brook from which the old colliery was named, will do a separate blog in the new year

Take Care


  1. Hard to picture that green site as a colliery! Love the frost crystals. Spectacular!

  2. It's like a patch work quilt of industry and the collieries were all over, Ellerbeck had two shafts both capped now, it finally closed 1n 1965.


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