Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Friday 5 December

Mild this morning

Still looks too cold for standing in the river

Top Lodge showing the Reed Bed

Viewing Platform with the Reed Bed, the Top Lodge was the first in line on the channel feed from the River Yarrow, it's still connected but the water has to be paid for if the channel is opened to fill or top up the lodge it's on a meter, when I first heard this years ago after enquiring why the lodge was not being filled after winter I thought it was a joke but it's true - the lodges all fill naturally - yet on the other side of the coin the lodges overflow into the river.

It was above freezing this morning but the ice on the lodge had not thawed this Black Headed Gull looked puzzled

There use to be cottages on the edge of this lodge one was a forge which was work by a water wheel, the old name for these channels was Mill Races - I have never worked out where the wheel was but I might make that a 2015 project

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