Monday, May 25, 2015

Thursday 14 May

Another sunny walk - I have to show off our beautiful swan family, Edwina was on the water with them, she is a good mother.


Two Canada Geese coming in for feeding time
Grey Wagtail 

We also call them Turks heads as well as Ribwort - Plantago lanceolata

The leaves Ribwort - Plantago lanceolata

 Edwina & her Babes

 She is wary of all that come near her babes

 I love this one looking at Mum

 They are already taking the sunflower hearts

We always feed sunflower hearts they are packed with goodness for the little ones and when they fledge and go we can usually tell the ones that were born on the lodges if they return - they take the hearts straight away, others are waiting for bread and ignore the feed.

Take Care