Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saturday 11 April

A wonderful morning, dry and mild - we ambled along the paths taking in what nature put before us and enjoying the company, laughing, chatting and watching the dogs play.
The Garlic Mustard still not in flower over Spring Wood.
Elder just showing buds.
The Marsh Marigold patch at the top end of Spring Wood - this is well protected by the deep mud.
Seven Spot Ladybird enjoying the sunshine.
Wood Anemone
Had a ride on my bike up to Hic Bibi this Lesser Periwinkle greeted me.
Lots of Blackthorn.
With a variety of bees and hover-flies visiting it.
Bush Vetch leaves.
Meadow Vetchling leaves.
I walked back some of the way looking along the hedges and paths.
Wood Forget Me Not.
Spotted Dead Nettle another escapee.
At this point I took my glasses off and put them down to use my camera. Yes I left them there.
I had got down the road when I realised it.
I went back (quickly) and found them.
White Dead Nettle.
Sweet Cicely.
And less than a couple of miles from the garlic mustard this morning, this patch was in flower.

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