Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday 15 July

Had a walk on to the Lower Burgh, we tend to walk there when we are on our own as I am forever stopping looking at plants, it is becoming a fantastic place for all nature not just plants.
Amphibious Bistort - often mistaken for Redshank and overlooked, this patch is in water but not always can be found on wet ground
Only found a few Goatsbeard this year, used to be lots of these around.
Goatsbeard ready to open as a clock to spread it's seeds.
This patch of Mugwort was heaving with greenfly - the 2 spot ladybirds were all over the plants enjoying the feast.
Just this one 14 Spot among the many 2 spots.
This patch of Lady's Bedstraw has grown over the last few years, it has a wonderful scent.
Marsh Woundwort - lots on Lower Burgh Meadow.
Purple Loosestrife only seen this small patch up to now - there was more last year.
Red Bartsia in flower on the Lower Burgh.
Almost as big as mum - looks healthy as well.
Tall Melilot
A mass of Tufted Vetch
Wasp on Hogweed
Wild Angelica
Wild Angelica Flowers

I had a good day took lots of photos - chased lots of butterflies and did not get one good photo - flowers are so much easier providing the winds not blowing.

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