Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday 7 August

Another warm sunny day. We did a lot of chatting and watching the heron on the Top Lodge, we were there over 25 minutes and it was still there when we left.

The Big Lodge
Heron waiting patiently
Seen something
Yes spotted something - did not catch anything.
Another Billy guarding the footpath.
Dolly having a well earned rest.
Teddy being shy.
Toots waiting for the ball to appear.

A good day until we got near to the 2nd bridge, a car appeared and gave us no warning. We all had to gather dogs and get off the footpath, he was not taking any prisoners. Like I said the other day you have got to draw the line for the sake of safety - lots of people about not expecting cars in this area, some one will be hurt at this rate.

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