Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday 20 November

Dry for our walk we met Sue on Primrose Hill.
Teddy he's a handsome lad - managed to get his photo this morning.
Dandelion on the Barrow
Meadow Buttercup on the Barrow
If this oak ever came down I am sure that this burr would be soon cut out for some wood working project.
The log that looks like a deer is still there.
More Fungi

The first two are showing the same fungi from above and below.
The next three photos are all the same log showing what I think is the same fungi at different stages, I always welcome any one to comment or name them as I am useless with IDs.

Just one more.
Arnold waiting for me at this gully - the footpath on the far side is very slippy and in need of some attention.
Looking bare now most of the leaves are on the ground.
A few more small limbs have fallen but the Oak is still upright.

Could hardly believe my eyes when I saw these miniature daffodils they are the double headed type, I was convinced they had just been planted but I cleared the leaves around them and could not see any recent digging, they are very near the Big Lodge.
I am looking at the photos wondering how we have missed them - they stick out like a sore thumb.
Juvenile Great Crested Grebe on the Big Lodge
Red Campion on Sunny Brow

Another good walk.

Take Care.

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  1. Thanks for that colourful walk. Don't the fungi have wonderful autumnal colours?


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