Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday 17 November

A pleasant morning, George arrived with Tinker and we set off.
George & Arnold on the pond field, I was having a look at the pond it finally has some water in it.
Plenty of small birds this morning - this is a very hungry Blue Tit.
Cat's Ear on the barrow.
Plus another patch of Red Clover.
Foxglove leaves - near the Big Lodge.
Hogweed still in flower.
Lots of Mallards on the lodge mainly males.
Wood Aven (Herb Bennet) leaves coming through all over, these were near the lodge.
A bit of sunshine makes all the difference.
Columbine leaves - never seen these flower as they keep getting in the way of the strimmer.
Cow Parsley leaves
Sweet Cicely leaves
Niger still not open.
Wild Turnip
Meg - she had her blood test yesterday and her liver enzyme levels have dropped again but still not in the normal range, we are continuing lowering the Phenobarbitone slowly. Her white blood cells were slightly elevated and the vet thought she may have a slight infection so he has given her a 10 day coarse of antibiotics, he wants to see her again next Thursday for another blood test. We are just glad the liver seems to be recovering. She has been a lot better as you can see she is now giving me that don't you feel sorry for me look.
Tinker another one that hates the camera.
We stood and chatted to a few folk here on the bridge before we set off home.
Meg is always eager to get home for her breakfast and it is good to see her enjoying it.
Take Care.

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