Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday 18 January

The snow & ice are almost gone, just parts of the paths still have patches left.

On our own today did not see a soul till we got back to the lodges.
Looking back to Primrose Hill Gate.

This is where we feed Charlie, plus all the others that are waiting for us to move on.

They sit in the trees waiting like this Great Tit.

Charlie 2 almost coming to greet me.

After the frost comes the new birth, these are male silver birch catkin.

Oak Buds

Oak Marble Galls - these seem to have weathered better than the ones in the next photo.

Bracken, looks like something has been keeping warm here, possibly deer, maybe a fox.

This is an old stump near the slippery log the moss has almost covered it.

Unmistakable Ash Buds - a fascinating tree the Ash well worth reading up on.

Beech Buds

Red Clover Leaves

A few Wood Sorrel Leaves

Meg found some Fox muck - why do dogs love rolling in it? It was all down her back mucky pup.

She is laughing at me - don't I smell lovely, we got back to the river and yes she had a swim got most of it off and then a quick bath at home.

Take Care


  1. WOw- spring-ish already in your world. We are having a bit of January thaw, but not even down to bare ground yet. It will be several months before we are we will see the things you showed today!

  2. The weather has warmed up here, forecast is for more snow so everything may be covered again.


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