Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sunday 6 April

We made for the Barrow Field on Eaves Green, to visit the pond that was put in when the new houses were built

 This is one of the old Beech in Burgh Wood - it's huge, the kids use this one to attach a rope swing, to cross the gully, none on it at the moment so I did not get to try it out :)

 The new pond and some of the houses, Sue has seen Great Crested Newts in it 

 We only managed a frog

 Hornbeam - Carpinus betulus

 Female Flowers

 Very pretty

Some sort of shelter probably built by the local school children - it was quite good

Take Care


  1. That row of houses looks almost exactly like a place in Marquette Michigan, where they have made a people-friendly waterfront, but there is residential space at the far end. Very nice.

  2. These properties are what I call town houses, they have tiny rooms and are over priced, yet we find people want new property better if they come to live in the village and still enjoy the valley, like we do :) Forgot to add not many people stay in them - they soon come up for sale, sad really.


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