Friday, February 13, 2015

Thursday 12 February

Cool damp morning, we walked up to the top of Primrose Hill as the young ranger had just taken two bullocks back to their field - the owner of the bullocks & pigs is no farmer his stock roams all over and is out in all weather, totally useless why do these people show no responsibility toward their animals.

 The ranger had propped the old gate up, it's seen better days so we hooked over the old hinge so that they can't push it over, well that's the theory.

 This was taken from the gate looking toward Coppull

 The Dipper was at the weir

 Common Orange Lichen - Xanthoria parietina (probably the only on I can ID)
This and others yet to be ID was prompted by Joan's  Blog

Heron on the back of the Top Lodge waiting for frogs coming to their breeding spots

Take Care

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  1. Oh! So nifty... and now I know those are the apothecia!


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