Saturday, February 07, 2009

Friday 6 February

A cold morning, met up with Sue and her tribe & Dawnie and her two.
It was a lovely morning for a walk, the ground was hard and so the dogs stayed clean, well almost.
The bag of peanuts I put out has gone we think the squirrels finished it off as the bag was on the ground ripped open.
Plenty of small birds about, a lot of noise in the woods from the magpies, something was upsetting them and it wasn't the dogs.
We have also been hearing the Great Spotted Woodpecker at the bottom end of Spring Wood, not been able to see it.
The moles are also very active it is amazing how they can clear the earth in these temperatures the mounds are everywhere.
The field voles are also becoming active. Meg loves to nose through the tufts of grass trying to find them. This is an unusual picture as she is normally half buried with just her tail showing.
Billy looking quite grown up.
Blue & Chilli
Heading back.
Ducks & Coots after food.
The Big Lodge half of it frozen.
Canada Goose
More Canada Geese coming for food.
What am I missing at the bridge.
Now you see what the attraction was the Dipper.
Take Care.

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