Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sunday 9 May

We had a good walk down Drybones, I am not going to post any pictures of the poor cottage it is so depressing.

Ramsons all over the place now.

Red Campion

Taken on our way to Drybones she was restless.

Sycamore Flowers

Wood Anemone

Wood Speedwell

Orange Tip Butterfly on Cuckoo Flower

Hoverfly - ID as Eristalis tenax

Tachinidae sp. We call them all the dreaded Horse Fly.

That Slime Mold has almost gone.


Crane Fly ID as Tipula villata also a female.

Apple blossom

It is cultivated Apple probably planted from the cottage.

7 Spot Ladybird & a Bee.

There were quite a few of these Bees about, they are Nomada sp.
They are often called cuckoo bees as they lay their eggs in other bees nest.

Top Lodge Mallard & 8 babes.

Cropped from the above photo to show the tadpoles.

Wych Elm leaves no sign of the seeds.

Wood Melick - Melica uniflora it is a bright green so it stands out from the crowd.
The spikelet still sheltered in the sheath.
For those interested in the difference between Wood & Mountain Melick it is this bristle opposite the ligule, the much rarer Mountain does not have it.

Take Care.


  1. The ducks will be making short measure of the tadpoles. In my garden pond they've almost cleared them out,the ducks will then leave and we won't see them again until frog spawning time next year A few always manage to survive because I see the young hoppers around at the end of July.

  2. What a beautiful butterfly. I would be interested in the Melick, but I don't know either one at all. Really Carol, we need to figure out how to go on botany walks together!


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